Our business
mission: yours.

Reindeer's approach to business is to prioritize your needs by leveraging high-level talent, leading technology, and a world-class team that has earned the trust of thousands of companies. We understand that success in this field is not solely based on knowledge but also on leveraging technology and AI, which is why we're committed to using the most advanced software to deliver the best results.

who we are

This is the Reindeer alphabet.

At Reindeer, we’re on a mission to get your business what’s
rightfully yours. We do it through Ambition , Belief , Conviction , and Drive.

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Achieving great success for your business.

If we’re not passionate, we’re not doing our job right. At Reindeer, our team is driven by a desire to do our job flawlessly, every time.

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Trust in ourselves, our team, and each other.

We’re only as good as the sum of our parts. At Reindeer, each team member brings unique skills to the table, and is essential, respected, and valued.

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We make your business ours.

We treat your business as if it’s our own. It’s our belief that your business should get what it wholly deserves. We accomplish this by maximizing your refund.

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Fueled by passion, zest, and perseverance.

In pursuit of your business success. That’s what motivates us and drives our team to achieve astonishing results for your business.

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Our Leadership

Josh Nussbaum

CEO, Co-Founder


Patrick Nussbaum

COO, Co-Founder


Abraham Bornstein

Director of Accounting


Moshe Sait

Team Leader


Samantha Facchinello

Director of People

We’re only as good as our team.
Luckily, our team is the best.
  • Who are we?

    A team of thinkers, movers, and innovators.

  • Where are we?

    Headquartered in New York, Tel Aviv, and nationwide.

  • How many are we?

    A team of 65+ that’s growing every day.

Working for Reindeer is a privilege.

“I work with brilliant minds every day, and am doing it for a good cause. What more could I ask for?”

Daniella Calderon,
Client Success Champion

Our BuckRun technology has proven itself thousands of times.

With an original and automated process, Reindeer’s proprietary technology allows our people to focus on the details that matter to get you a maximum refund.

Bigger returns
Used nationally,
known globally.

With a working relationship of over 180 partners, these industry leaders integrate with Reindeer to help their clients.

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