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ERC is a tax credit that rewards business owners $26,000 for each employee retained through COVID-19.

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With specialized expertise in ERC, WOTC, and R&D credits Reindeer is on a mission to help small businesses uncover and apply for tax credits using intelligent automation, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

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Working with Reindeer was a very simple process: they called me, told me what they needed, and they did the rest.

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What is ERC?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a tax credit program that rewards business owners for retaining their employees throughout the pandemic, allowing them to claim up to 70% of qualifying wages paid to those employees as a refundable tax credit.

  • Most small
    businesses qualify.
  • Use your refund
    for business or
    personal benefit.
  • A refund, NOT
    a loan. It’s
    yours forever.
About ERC
Was your business
impacted by Covid-19?
  • Were your business’s operations impacted by government orders due to Covid-19?
  • Did your business have 10 or more full-time W-2 employees in 2020 and 2021?
  • Were your hours of operation reduced, or available services limited due to government
    orders resulting from Covid-19?
$1 billion+
Funds facilitated by Reindeer

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
you likely qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. (Even if you don’t think you do!)

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With Reindeer at your side, get your ERC fast and efficiently.

With Reindeer at your side, get your ERC fast and efficiently.

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With Reindeer’s proprietary BuckRun™ technology, credits are intelligently automated, so our people can focus on the details that matter to get your maximum refund.

Bigger returns

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Buck Run™ Swift is an elevated level of service available to Reindeer clients. A cutting-edge funding service expedites the delivery of refunds to our clients within a four-week time frame from filing, simplifying and expediting the refund process. Complete our application to find out more!

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For Steve Walker, a New York-based clothing brand, Reindeer procured $321,000 in ERC.


For Harmony Senior, a Chicago-based senior living facility, Reindeer recovered $721,879 in ERC.


For Lifeplex, a Colorado-based gym, Reindeer recovered $127,320 in ERC.

"Reindeer Consultant's service is very quick, effective and most importantly efficient. We were able to get an approval for a refund in a short amount of time. They are the real deal!"

Devi Parmanan

“A truly customer centric company with great industry knowledge!”

Pearly Sait

“Last September I started the process for my company's ERC w Reindeer. By February I already had my full refund amount. Patrick was in touch with me through the process. I am happy camper :)”

Moe Zebra

“I am so glad I chose Reindeer! They were able to get me more money than any of the other companies I talked to, and they had a 100% success rate. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking their ERC home care refund.”

Francisc Secui

“Reindeer was so helpful with claiming ERC for our company. They are everything a tax firm should be. The process was seamless and they guided us every step of the way.”

Atara Eisenreich

The window for ERC tax
reimbursement is closing.
Take advantage of the opportunity today.

Claim up to $26,000 per employee.

Your questions,

No. You can include wages paid to both part-time and full-time workers, but can only claim the credit on the first $10,000 paid to each employee for each period they are claiming the credit for. This means that if an employee was paid more than $10,000 in a given period, the employer can only claim the credit on the first $10,000.

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Answered by Maya Sussholz, Tax Credit Specialist

The ERC and PPP are both COVID-19 relief programs, but the ERC is a tax credit that businesses can claim on their tax returns, while the PPP is a loan program with forgiveness provisions. Businesses can claim both the ERC and PPP, but the same wages cannot be used to calculate both programs.

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Answered by Felice Krieger, Tax Credit Specialist

No, the ERC is not a loan. Unlike the PPP, the ERC is a refundable tax credit, which means businesses can receive a refund if the credit amount exceeds their tax liability. Take advantage of it with Reindeer’s specialists today!

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Answered by Harry Seth, Tax Credit Specialist

Reindeer’s refund specialists help you navigate the complexities of tax incentives and ensure you are maximizing your eligibility and receiving the full benefit of available tax credits. We do it with exclusive BuckRun™ technology that not only makes the process seamless for you, but allows our employees to focus on the finer details and maximize your benefits to its fullest potential. BuckRun™ utilizes our premier technology to deliver your paycheck 4x faster.

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Answered by Harry Seth, Tax Credit Specialist